Windows Update. I loled.

When I used to use shitty Windows one of the things I fucking hate is every time I turn the shitty thing on it comes up saying its an update. Almost like they’re crying wolf saying there’s some shit wrong with their cruddy OS and something needs to be fixed.

Well at least the bugs hackers find get fixed in later versions of their OS’s, right?

OH SNAP, maybe not. Sort your coding out you pieces of shit.

Its Bing, but not the good kind. The shit kind.

Well well, getting some interest on the site. Few bits of shitty hate mail, its all good.

Haven’t had the pleasure of touching shitty Windows in a few days so nothing to say. Still shit though.

You seen the Microsoft website recently? How actual shit does it look. Got some ballshit slider thing that doesn’t fit on the page, random shitty arrows everywhere which point to other equally as shit things.

Clicked on a shitty link, it says Get Started with Bing. I was hoping to see this

Instead I get a shitty dedicated website to help people use this Bing shit. You know what they call it? LOL pure shit.

IE shitting 8/9. Whatev

Following from my previous post, top result on Google for IE9 is an MSN link. Clicked it, big font says “Get the most out of Internet Explorer 8″

No mother fuckers, I asked for IE9.

Hit back button, can’t go back.

Now I’m stuck on shitty MSN/bing or whatever their damn name is today.

Install shitty IE9.

Went to download IE9 for testing at work. Shitty IE. apparently I need Windows 7 or whatever the number is now.

Can’t install on shitty XP. This is what you get.

20120309-031848 PM.jpg

Windows 8 Start shit.

Click start on Windows 8. Looks like shit.

Like a shitty Windows phone.

20120308-053904 PM.jpg

Google shit.

Just did a shitty Google search,

Windows is shit = 89 million results. 89mill other people agree with me.

OSX is shit = 2 million results.

Nuff said, shitty Windows.

Windows 2000, best.

Stick to my word, Windows 2000 was and always will be the best Windows OS ever.

Still shit compared to OSX, btw.

But so much better than current shitty versions.


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